by Henric Johansson


by Henric Johansson

My name is Henric Johansson. If you move the H to the end of my name it becomes Enrich, simple as that. I used to make music under the moniker Manric but decided to go with Enrich instead since 2013.

I was born in Karlstad, Sweden on 1 July 1988. With 3 older siblings I had a lot of musical influence from what was popular during the 90’s. My first single I bought was a cassingle of Whigfield’s ”Saturday Night” in 1994 when on holiday with my parents in Gran Canaria. I remember watching the music video on MTV with my sister back in the days when life was easy.

My dad was in an orchestra playing bass and I guess I get my musical vein from him. But growing up with him being a massive fan of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles which I had no interest in at all when I was little, I didn’t appriciate his musical talents, I do today though.

When I started making music I was very ambitious. I had no clue about producing it so I got a little help from another musician. At that time I wrote and composed an acapella and he would provide the music afterwards. It wasn’t a very good way to work and it’s a wonder we got anything out of it at all. One song that got quite popular online was Sacred Illusion, I recorded a zero budget video with some students at Uppsala University TV that no one of the involved contributors wants to be involved with today. The video was picked up by Import Sound & Vision in Hollywood, who recut it and included it in their promotional DVD’s distributed all over the world. If you google for it I’ve tried my best to remove it from the web. Maybe someday I can look back at it with pride but not yet. I am however very found of the ”Sky Keith’s Electric Vibrator Remix” of the song, that even got a mention in Göteborgsposten for sounding Giorgio Moroder-ish. The recordings from this era are not available on any digital retailers anymore but for the nostalgic and curious person the album sampler of these recordings was released on pink or green cassette in April 2019 featuring the mentioned tracks and more including remixes from People Theatre.

During this period I met one of my best friends in life, Mattias Lennartsson who’s also doing music. He learned me some basics in how to produce music and creating music for me got easier. I was very productive for a while and I had a lot of remixes done for my own productions. This way of making music suited me a whole lot better. Songs like ”Believe (Another Part of Me)” came to life with a beautiful remix by Snygg-Olof Bryngelson.

I had one last attempt at working with a professional music producer and I did the ESC-influenced ”Through The Night” in 2010. I did not like doing that song or working that way and I returned to doing my demos again. In 2012 I demoed a song called ”I Can Make You Suffer Too” that was very Bertine Zetlitz influenced with a little bit of an evil touch, some strings and a simple beat. I uploaded it to my soundcloud account and it didn’t take long until my friend Mattias Lennartsson wanted to remix it. I am very proud of this song.

In 2016 I released a remastered package of ”I Can Make You Suffer Too”
and not to be forgotten I also released my very first original production, a song called ”Do You Still Remember?” which is produced, written, composed and sung by me, myself and I only. Of course I’ve had some remixes done for it, but I am very proud of my original, my Original Extended Mix is available on Spotify. I and my friend Jessica put some bunny masks on and went for a drive and filmed a video for it on a warm and sunny winter day. It may look low budget, cause it is. But it was the most fun I’d had in ages.

During 2017 when planning releases I got a demo I’ve done in swedish called ”Jag är ett tomt skal” remixed with the plan on being a bonustrack on a future release. However the remix sounded so good that I decided to give it the single treatment. Singing songs in swedish being a rare thing from me I am very excited to see so many places all over the world where this song is getting played. This release inspired a me to work with Eros White behind the remix to make an album of my original demos. By June 15th 2018 "Happiness" was released. I am very happy with how Happiness turned out. Including songs like Far Away, dealing with separation and loss. I Can Make You Suffer Too, dealing with revenge, fatigue and sleep paralyzis. And more favorites like the titletrack, the 80's sounding Believe and the song for us without a god or religion that still pray to something, Just Because I'm Missing You.

In the present I am working on new material, since Happiness was mainly songs from my early twenties I am older now and with the release of an album you're not fulfilled but left with a feeling that is more like "Next time I want to do something more different" Watch this space.

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