New album "The Perennial" featuring the singles The Friend, You Make Me Wanna Dream and Out of Reach.

Available on vinyl and streaming now.

The second LP from Enrich is a cinematic slice of retroinspired synthpop released in the summer of 2020. A collaboration with Luigi Porcino of disquette•s. People have called their experience of listening to it, an escape to go somewhere safe. Including a total of 5 singles with new creative remixes from talented producers, such as long time collaborator Eros White and Neon Workout but also Del-Anov en Kowski2000.  The Friend which was the first single to be released from the album is a haunting and melancholic song where your anxiety sings to you, that you can use it as your biggest strength and that it is a life long companion. Enrichs personal favorite You Make Me Wanna Dream sets the mood of escape and the dream is a fact. The fifth single is sort of the album title track and it is a song about autumn, Perennial Way will be out with new remixes this autumn.

Happiness, the first LP and the prequel to The Perennial.
This album is a collection of demos done between 2009 and 2016 that was mainly produced by Eros White for the album release as a result of him doing a fantastic job on remixing Enrichs only swedish song Jag är ett tomt skal.
When releasing Happiness Enrich felt happy to get these demos out there but more important felt the urge to do new things and started getting inspired to write and compose for his second album.

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