by Henric Johansson

"The Friend" is the first single to be released from the upcoming album The Perennial, produced by Disquette*s. Out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, iTunes, Youtube Music and more.


by Henric Johansson

In June 2018 the debut LP "Happiness" from swedish electronic pop artist ENRICH was released to the world. Including his favorite demos from the last 9 years reworked in their original arrangements. Approaching his 30th birthday he felt that it was time to put the songs together.

The album is available on white vinyl, download and streaming services.


During 2007 and 2008 Enrich recorded songs under the moniker Manric, songs that were never released commercially until now 11 years later they are made available on colored cassette.

Including the songs Sacred Illusion, The Beat Goes On, You Go To My Head (Trance Dance cover) and remixes by the much talented Peter Rainman of People Theatre.

Stream the song Sacred Illusion from the album here:

Sporting a neo-hip-hop style beat, I Can Make You Suffer Too, puts a twist on breakup anthems…
- Ark of Music

The ultimate effect is an aurally alchemic offering of pure, unadulterated emotion amplified with pitch perfect digital mastering.
- Amelia Vandergast of ANR Factory

Rolling, etheric synth tones and an Avener-esquebeat create a dreamy 3.5 minutes in, I Still Got You, a minimalist 80’s-style groove which nostalgically brings me back to the Eurythmics.

- Ark of Music

Oh boy, here we go with some electronic music. "Cause all I do is wait for you, as hours become days" is one of a few tasty lyrics that I feel like I'd love to be screaming while jumping up and down, barefoot on a dancefloor.

- Kate of The Family Reviews

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